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Coach Seth Wilson Football

Football Training

Helping Quarterbacks, Receivers, and all players learn their positions and improve their fitness and strength.

Coach Seth Wilson Basketball

Basketball Training

Learn the fundamentals, the details, the offensive and defensive systems, and the mental strength to take your game to the next level.

Coach Seth Wilson Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Unlock your potential with Coach Seth’s Growth Mindset, Positive Psychology, and other offerings.

Coach Seth Wilson

About Coach Seth Wilson

Seth’s coaching career has been marked by incredible turnaround successes, all made possible by his belief in pursuing excellence—one moment at a time
On the football field, the basketball court, and in individual training sessions for athletes in other sports, Coach Seth brings various skills, knowledge, and experiences to the table to help athletes become better versions of themselves.
Learn more about the coach who has helped athletes make it to the collegiate level and secure millions in scholarship offers.

Camps & Clinics

Coach Seth Wilson

Coach Wilson is proud to partner with
The Players Zone for basketball camps.

Coach Wilson offers a variety of group training sessions to fit everyone’s needs!

These sessions include:

• 5th-7th Graders Group Training
• Middle Schoolers & JV Players Group Training
• JV & Varsity Players Group Training
• Adults, Collegiate, & Pros Group Training

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What People Are Saying

Alan Stein

“I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with Seth on several occasions and have always been blown away by his high character, commitment to excellence, passion for coaching, stellar leadership abilities, and how much he cares about those he works with. Seth is everything you should want in a coach!”

Alan Stein, Jr., Author of Raise Your Game

Alan Stein

Seth Wilson has a passion for teaching the game of basketball. His knowledge of the sport and genuine care for the athletes he coaches is special. He is the “swiss army knife” of basketball coaches! He teaches, he educates, he leads, he develops, but most of all he loves! He defines heart of a champion. Individual player and team success under his leadership is inevitable!”

Jon Babul, VP Basketball Development- Atlanta Hawks